Smart, Steady, and Secure
Business Solutions

To become a reliable and innovative financial institution and play an active role in supporting the community's economy in accordance with government policies.


1. Certified by ISO/IEC 27001:2013
2. Disaster Recovery Center Ready
3. Fraud Detection System Ready
4. Using Encryptions for Security
5. Using Audit Trail System
6. Trusted Agent
7. 24/7 Customer Service
8. Secured by blacklist KYC
9. Agent commitment on Non Disclosure Agreement
10. Direct Connect with Bank API


1. User-friendly UI on BDPay Dashboard CMS
2. Easy transfer to 136 Banks in Indonesia
3. Historically Reports
4. Digital Receipt via SMS, Whatsapp, Email
5. Easy cancellations process
6. Roadmap development that supports community needs


1. Same day transfer
2. Clean process and procedure
3. Professional in-house Agent
4. Distributed Agent all over Indonesia
5. SLA Problem handling Days+1